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General Questions

Which organization supervises the Kashrus of Fruit Platters and More?

We currently are supervised by the Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway.

How much fruit should I buy for my occasion?

Look under the item you wish to purchase. At the bottom it will have a line saying how many people that items serves. Use that as a guideline. For example, if you are hosting a workshop and expect 15 people, but you will be serving bagels and cakes and salads in addition to the fruit, then err on the side of getting one that serves 10-15 instead of 15-20. But if you are ordering for a party that the only dessert is fruit, you might want to buy a bit more.

How are you able to meet my allergy restrictions?

We are very careful with allergies at Fruit Platters and More. If you need a platter that, for instance, cannot have kiwi on it, due to allergies, that will be the first platter we make that day and the knives and cutting board will not have had any contact with kiwi. It is for this reason that we cannot accommodate allergy platters with less than 24 hours notice.

I would like to place a weekly order. But I always forget to call in time. Any ideas of how to prevent that?

We are happy to have standing orders on file that will be sent out. Or, you can join our mailing list and get a reminder poem email every week! That email also includes any specials we have that week. You can also follow us on Instagram and see all our specials and menus.

Do you deliver?

Yes, delivery to areas outside the Five Towns Far Rockaway are sometimes able to be accommodated, please inquire. 

What’s the best way to order?

We are available to take your orders in many ways. You can call, text or whats app 718 406 4310  or you can send us an email at the contact us section of our website.

About Our Services

Fruit Platters and More started in about 2000 as a side hobby. Eliahu had many years of catering experience creating fruit or cake displays. Friends decided to order a platter, or mini fruit display, from us, rather than from a supermarket or fruit store. Chaia took her marketing and people skills to build the menu and the rest, as they say, is history. Though your happiness in the present is what we care about most.

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